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At Edgelab, we assess investment risk with high accuracy. Behind our innovative API product, there is a mix of talents from software development, system engineering, and quant backgrounds. Quality is our asset, and we strive for technical excellence to deliver expected and reliable artifacts that run smoothly on production.

Our team faces a broad range of challenges like availability, scalability, integrability, and accuracy. We need to operate vast volumes of data, perform massive computations, and handle millions of requests per day from our clients all over the world.


Avenue de la Rasude 5
1006 Lausanne

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  • Participate in every step of our service development lifecycle: proactive analysis, design, realization, delivery, and support.
  • Ensure correctness, maintainability, and sustainability of the delivered solutions, following and promoting our established mindset for well-crafted design, code, and testing.
  • Collaborate across teams on service architecture
  • Collaborate across teams on software construction best practices
  • Collaborate with quantitative developers to build our in-house risk engine components.
  • Mentor entry-level developers
  • Promote your own ideas and lead end-to-end initiatives
  • See our full technology stack on

Votre profil

  • Master degree in Computer Science or equivalent practical experience.
  • 3+ years of experience in the software engineering industry using languages such as Go, C++, C#, or Rust.
  • 1+ years of experience building software in Go is an asset. We'll require at least an interest and ability to learn Go.
  • Experience with relational or NoSQL databases.
  • Experience in code architecture (clean code, DDD, BDD...)
  • Ability and interest in driving technical conversations across several teams.
  • Ability and interest in mentoring junior developers is an asset.
  • Experience in manual and automated data analysis is an asset.

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Compétences déjà recherchées par l'entreprise

  • C#
  • C++
  • Go
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Nosql