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Monito is the leading comparison website for international money transfer services.

In the past 12 months, our users (migrants, travelers, digital nomads) sent more than $200,000,000 to their friends and family abroad. Monito helped them save $8,000,000 in fees and bad exchange rates.

Behind Monito is a product-oriented team based in the amazing city of Lausanne (Switzerland), driven by the mission of the company and the passion of shipping good code.

We thrive in a flexible and no-drama work environment, and we're proud of our 5-stars rating on Glassdoor.


Av. de Montchoisi 35
1006 Lausanne


Compétences déjà recherchées par l'entreprise

  • AWS
  • Docker
  • JavaScript
  • Software Engineer
  • Startup
  • TypeScript
  • Vue
  • Vue/Nuxt
  • VueJS