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We are a young and fresh Swiss Consulting firm helping organizations discover, design and launch IT solutions that make a positive impact on their businesses. 


We are a team of accomplished and passionate professionals with more than 10 years experience supporting organizations from all types of sectors with identity and security scenarios. 

At Stellium we know that your universe is unique, and therefore, we design solutions that are tailored to your organization and your needs. We truly believe in collaboration and partnerships and we know that we can go much further if we go together. At Stellium, we believe everything is possible, and it’s not « rocket science ».


Route Suisse 8A
1163 Etoy


Compétences déjà recherchées par l'entreprise

  • ACR
  • AKS
  • Ansible
  • Azure
  • Cloud Services
  • DSC
  • IaaS
  • Infrastructure
  • Microsoft CAF
  • Nosql
  • OAuth
  • OpenAPI
  • OpenID
  • PaaS
  • Powershell
  • Puppet
  • React
  • REST
  • Saas
  • SQL
  • Vmware